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Since 2014 the company Exuweg GmbH has become the distribution partner of intelligent fluids GmbH for the SOLVANEX® product line for Germany and Austria.

With Exuweg GmbH the innovative SOLVANEX products of intelligent fluids GmbH have found a well-respected and professional distribution partner who will expand the commercialization of the trendsetting technology.

We expressly point out that the company IO Innovative Oberflächenreinigungssysteme GmbH since 02.08.2013 is not an authorized partner of intelligent fluids GmbH any more.





Quality and Technology Made in Germany.

Outstanding Performance with Ecological Biodegradability.


highly effective graffiti remover (gel/liquid)

  • Removes spray colors and felt tip pens
  • Does not contain toxic or halogenated solvents


graffitiCRACK Kunststoff

special graffiti remover for synthetic/plastic surfaces

  • Removes one component gloss paint, facade and oil paint, greases, soot and glue residues as well as various kinds of felt tip pens
  • No cloudings of transparent synthetic materials
  • No stress corrosion
  • Does not contain toxic or halogenated solvents


graffitiCRACK Kunststoff Feuchttücher

powerful wet cleaning wipes

  • Remove stains and soilings of vehicles, traffic signs and acrylic class covers
  • Do not contain toxic or halogenated solvents
  • Capable for metal, plastic or varnished surfaces


graffitiBLOCK C

protective layer for mineral surfaces

  • Protects porous an mineral surfaces like concrete, plaster or brick against graffiti attacks
  • The temporary protective layer prevents effectively the penetration of spray-gloss colors into the surface
  • The treated surface becomes water repellent and stays diffusion active 
  • UV- and weather resistant
  • Easy to remove with hot water


graffitiCRACK soft

protective layer remover

  • Removes the temporary protective layer graffitiBLOCK C along with the graffiti
  • Easy removal by using cold water
  • Application directly on the soiled area