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surfiMAX®-Cleaning Sponges:

Support all cleaning tasks and are a great supplement especially for the:

print roll cleaner

but also for:


industrial cleaning products

surfiMAX C 

pop-up cleaning sponge for versatile use

  • especially absorbent
  • solvent resistant
  • reusable

surfiMAX M 

micropore cleaning sponges for persistent dirt

surfiMAX M-ON (120x60x30 mm)

  • suitable for the application of cleaning agents, the cleaning agent is spread evenly over the surface
  • enables the cleaning agent to penetrate deeply into small cracks and fissures of the soilings
  • also available as M-ON XL (240x180x30 mm)


 surfiMAX M-OFF (120x60x30 mm)

  • removes even deep-seated soilings effectively
  • ideal for the manual cleaning of surfaces

surfiMAX R 

round cleaning sponge

  • ideal for the automatic cleaning of printing rollers
  • removes all residual ink from printing rolls automatically during the printing process when used with the print roll cleaner Druckwalzenreiniger INLINE