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Building Protection/ Anti-graffiti

Graffiti can rapidly cause structural damages.

Graffiti and air pollutants have a negative impact on the reputation and financial value of a building.

With the SOLVANEX®- product group, intelligent fluids GmbH has developed a highly efficient and innovative cleaning technology which offers maximum protection against unwanted soiling as well as resulting damages. This product group is highly effective, especially if combined with the protective agents.

EXUWEG GmbH distribution partner for Germany and Austria.






Video: intelligent fluids for graffiti removal


Cleaning systems for storefronts and basic structures of buildings have to cope with a wide variety of challenges. Surface and facade building materials are usually not resistant to mechanical stress and are sensitive to solvents. Plasters or natural stone facings often absorb paint and let them penetrate deeply into the surface.

In order to achieve effective and long lasting results, gentle cleaning agents not harming the structure of surfaces and facades and protective systems (e.g. anti-graffiti coatings) become more and more important. 



The cleaning power of intelligent fluids is solely based on highly efficient physical effects. The SOLVANEX® graffiti cleaning agents deeply enter the pores of the surface to be cleaned. They penetrate through and into the layers of paint and dirt and remove them quickly, thoroughly and without leaving any residues.

SOLVANEX® does not induce chemical dissolution or etching of dyes – therefore, it does not cause smearing and shadowing of surfaces.

Products based on intelligent fluid® technology are characterized by an outstanding, fast performance, while applying gentle and eco-friendly substances.