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intelligent fluids

  • structure fluids as netlike, movable phase fluids
  • are customized combinations of proven and safe ingredients
  • act due to physical detaching instead of chemical dissolving processes during the cleaning procedures
  • are controllable on demand during the deep penetration of surfaces
  • can be used on moist as well as oily surfaces
  • can be removed simply by rinsing or through evaporation 

The customized combination of gentle ingredients results in physical effects, which achieve an exceptional performance and targeted functionality. The technology works economically and eco-friendly.


intelligent fluids® simplify technical working processes and significantly reduce downtimes for the cleaning of machines and technical facilities.

Products based on intelligent fluids® are easy to use, have proven efficacy and enhanced functionality in different application areas.


Products that have been improved by intelligent fluids® are superior compared to conventional products due to their outstanding effectiveness and low consumption.


intelligent fluids® reduce total costs, are energy-saving, biodegradable and resource-efficient. They are sustainable and meet today´s standards for eco-friendly solutions.