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founding of the company:

The company was founded by Dr. Dirk Schumann on May 8th, 2006 in Leipzig (HRB 22488). Until April 19th 2017 the company was named bubbles and beyond GmbH and has then been renamed into intelligent fluids GmbH.

line of business:

Development, production and commercialization of complex fluids for material separation, surface modifications and active agent transport as well as the corresponding services.


intelligent fluids GmbH designs unique chemical phasefluids with physical effects based on a patented interdisciplinary technology.

areas of application:

  • material separation, 
  • de-coating/de-coloring,
  • removal of layers up to 1 µ e.g. from metal, glass, plastics
  • adhesive removal
  • high-performance cleaning, 
  • active agent transport



"Intelligent Fluids" are marketed most of all in following sectors: microelectronics, electronics, printing industry, building protection, industrial cleaning.

company history:·

2017-04: Bubbles and Beyond GmbH was renamed intelligent fluids GmbH

2017-03: Start sales collaboration with Teltec North und Teltec South for microelectronics in Europe.

2017-02: Capital increase with new shareholders ARMATO GmbH & Co. KG and IBG Saxony-Anhalt.

2016-08: Start sales cooperation with South Korea RTCK for microelectronics

2016-07: Start sales cooperation with SPS Netherlands for microelectronics EU

2016-06: Start sales cooperation with FASTGATE Japan for microelectronics

2016-05: Start EU-funded project PRIME (microelectronics), among others with Globalfoundries, ST Micro, IMEC.

2016-01: Silent participations by MBG Saxony-Anhalt, Investment Bank Saxony-Anhalt, IBG Saxony-Anhalt

2015-12: Start sales cooperation printing industry with HEIDELBERGER PRINTING

2015-02: Capital increase by existing shareholder group

2015-01: Start sales cooperation with STC Taiwan for Microelectronics

2014-12: Start cooperation with further global professional chemicals company in the microelectronics segment

2014-11: Start sales cooperation with HDB CHINA for B2B and B2C cleaner

2014-04: Start development project SMARTTECH (microelectronics) with Fraunhofer CNT Dresden, with funds from the SAB

2014-02: Start cooperation with globally operating chemical company in the microelectronics segment

2014-01: grant roof Patent USA

2013-11: Start sales cooperation with S3 Alliance for Microelectronics EU

2013-09: Silent participation by IBG Saxony-Anhalt for development and expansion of the permanent establishment Leuna.

2013-08: Start sales cooperation with TECCNO for Microelectronics USA

2013-04: Permanent establishment for production, manufacturing and as logistics-center in Leuna, Saxony-Anhalt

2013-05: Increase of capital stock and membership of other private investors (business angels) as a shareholder: Klaus Luft, Alexander Luft, Jan Förster, Heiko Misselwitz, Stefan Kühlbrey, Gregor Lachnit.

2012-11: Dr. Tilman Schad becomes share holder. Increase of capital together with KFW, LBBW Venture, HTGF and S-Beteiligungen

2012-06: start distribution collaboration with KERONA (a company of the Würth Group)

2012-05: start collaboration with Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (trans dermal skin cosmetics)·

2012-04: granting of comprehensive patent EU·

2012-04: start collaboration with IUF (trans dermal skin cosmetics)·

2012-04: nominated for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award and "Industriepreis"·

2012-03: start collaboration with Fraunhofer CSP (microelectronics)·

2012-02: start collaboration with Fraunhofer CNT (microelectronics)·

2012-01: One of 365 selected Landmarks in the "Land of Ideas" Germany

2012-01: world wide distribution collaboration for the printing industry with ROLF MEYER GmbH·

2011-10: start collaboration with JBA Japan (cosmetic dentistry)·

2011-09: start collaboration with Organic Electronic Saxony e.V. (microelectronics)·

2011-08: start collarboration with HTWK Leipzig (printing industry)·

2011-07: start markt entry printing industry (enpurex)·

2011-06: IQ Innovation Award Middel Germany and Innovation Award Saxony·

2011-04: start development collaboration with JNC Japan (microelectronics)·

2011-04: founding of scientific advisory board·

2010-12: start collaboration with Sander-Strothmann (cosmetic dentistry)·

2010-10: start distribution collaboration with IO Innovative Oberflächenreinigungssysteme GmbH (building protection)·

2010-08: start collaboration basic research with University of Leipzig- physics department

2010-07: Christian Römlein becomes CEO·

2010-01: company presentation by journal "Wirtschaftswoche"·

2009-11: TV-coverage MDR·

2009-08: start development collaboration with BEIERSDORF·

2009-06: Venture-Capital-Magazine: start-up 2009·

2009-05: BVMW company of the month may

2009-04: start collaboration with TRM University of Leipzig (bone replacement substance)·

2009-03: application for patent outgassing phase fluids·

2009-03: application for patent transdermal systems / drug-delivery·

2008-09: market entry Antigraffiti-Systems

2008-09: application for comprehensive patent phase fluids international·

2008-08: investment by S-Beteiligungen und KFW·

2008-07: company presentation by  journal "Handelsblatt"·

2008-07: futuresax-award: 1st place: best business plan·

2008-07: obtaining of laboratories and offices at the Business-Innovation-Center·

2008-04: investment by LBBW Venture Capital GmbH·

2008-04: futuresax-award: 1st place: best market strategy·

2007-12: start collarboration PUSTEFIX (soap bubbles)·

2007-09: application for comprehensive patent phase fluids EU·

2006-06: investment by HIGHTECH-GRÜNDERFONDS·

2006-05: founding of the company among others by Dr. Dirk Schumann/Dr. Rainer Surkow·