Industrial Cleaning

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Industrial Cleaning

intelligent fluids GmbH has developed a highly innovative cleaning technology. In combination with the protective agents, this offers maximum protection from soiling and resulting damages.

The highly effective cleaning agents remove a multitude of different pollutants, especially lipophilic substances. Therefore they are the perfect choice for the cleaning of a variety of different surfaces.

One application example is the removal of crude oil from high-grade steel (can be used for the cleaning of pipeline pigs).






Video: intelligent fluids for industrial cleaning





The cleaning power of intelligent fluids is solely based on physical effects.

The lisoCLEAR® cleaning agents enter deeply into the soiling, penetrate paint and dirt layers and detach them quickly, thoroughly and without leaving any residues.

lisoCLEAR® does not induce chemical dissolving or etching processes – therefore, it does not cause smearing and shadowing of surfaces.

Products on the basis of intelligent fluid® are characterized by an outstanding and fast performance, while applying gentle and eco-friendly substances.