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Video: intelligent fluid® technology


Conventional emulsions and micro-emulsions are already state of the art. intelligent fluids GmbH is the first company worldwide to develop a novel generation of phase fluids called intelligent fluids.

In a patented process, the so-called complex fluids are created by using approved, and proven ingredients, which are customized to meet the needs of the respective product specification and industry.


intelligent fluids - Innovation

Intelligent fluids® mainly consist of liquids with sponge-like and highly dynamic structures. The targeted functionality and the exceptional mode of action of intelligent fluids® results from molecular interactions and an intelligent, physico-chemical mechanism. This leads to completely new and significantly improved product features.

Intelligent fluids® with cleaning properties are able to gently and effectively infiltrate and detach layers of dirt. Even persistent industrial pollutions can be removed with intelligent fluids® without using toxic or potentially harmful chemicals.