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Printing Industry

There is increasing performance and competition pressure in the printing industry: printing companies are forced to minimize their costs and boost their efficiency, while maintaining a high quality of their printed products.

With the enpurex® print roll cleaner, intelligent fluids GmbH has developed an innovative, sustainable solution which can significantly cut operating costs.

TKM Meyer GmbH worldwide exclusive distribution partner 

special cleaning sponges for the printing industry:






Video: anilox roller cleaning with enpurex®


In the printing process, a number of technical factors lead to high costs and loss of time:


  • Downtime due to prolonged, complex cleaning and set-up
  • Hardening of printing ink due to inappropriate operating conditions and poor cleaning
  • Flocculation caused by switching between different inking systems
  • Build-up of solids resulting from long-term circulation of 2K ink and subsequent ink glazing of rubber rolls
  • Time consuming and expensive cleaning processes due to required soaking and pre-cleaning of rollers as well as manual final cleaning with steel brushes and/or high-pressure cleaners



In contrast to traditional solvents and alkaline cleaning agents, the water-based intelligent fluids act via highly effective physical effects.

The enpurex® print roll cleaners deeply penetrate the recessed cells and pores and diffuse into and under the ink layers so that they are quickly removed from the surface of printing press rolls without leaving any residues.

There is no dissolving or etching of inks. Thereby, an outstanding and fast performance can be achieved with sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients.