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lisoCLEAR® - Cleaner

  • contain ingredients from renewable resources
  • are ph-neutral and do not contain phosphate or chlorine 
  • biodegradable after adding water
  • dermatologically tested


Apply the cleaning agents undiluted onto the soiled surface.

By lightly brushing in the product the cleaning effect is increased.

After a short application time cleaning agent and soiling can be washed away with a sufficient amount of water.




Quality and Technology Made in Germany.

Outstanding Performance and Ecologically Sustainable.


Hochleistungsreiniger classic

(High Performance Cleaner classic)

Cleaner for extensive soilings

•effectively removes soilings on floors or machine surfaces



Hochleistungsreiniger power

(High Performance Cleaner power)

effective against persistent dirt

  • Cleans old and persistent dirt such as fine dust, glue residues
  • Removes glue residues, fine color layers, inorganic sediments, grease and much more



Oberflächenreiniger LSH

(Surface Cleaner LSH)

Cleansing with nurturing qualities

  • Effective removal of oil, printing ink, grease or glue residues
  • has lipid-replenishing properties and is qualified for optimum cleaning of sensitive surfaces such as leather, wood or plastics
  • remoisturizes skin



Oberflächenreiniger KFL

(Surface Cleaner KFL)

Cleansing for synthetic, metal and varnished surfaces

  • removes soilings on machine surfaces, plexiglass, vehicles or traffic signs



Powerfleece KFL

wet cleaning wipes for plastic, foil and varnished surfaces

  • easy cleaning of soiled machine surfaces
  • effectively remove glue residues, print and spray color as well as lubricants



Etikettenentferner P

(Label Remover P)

easy removal of labels

  • Powerful against many different labels
  • suitable for surfaces such as glass, metal, wood or plastics
  • removes labels off traffic signs and trams
  • removes product and price labels off bottles and containers




(Glass Cleaner)

cleaner for glass and synthetic surfaces

  • outstanding performance and glance free of streaks
  • suitable for synthetic surfaces
  • kind on skin and without ammonia




(Floor Cleaner)

for effective cleaning of floors

  • for soilings such as fine dust, glue residues, thin color coatings, abrasion marks, soot or brake dust
  • suitable for tiles, stone floors, concrete and linoleum
  • the treated surfaces show a long term repellent effect



Schutzlack WLB

(Protective Varnish WLB)

water based strippable varnish

  • Offers a high primary adhesionIt provides a stable coat against spilling of color or solvents
  • Unique resistance against conventional solvents
  • Easy to remove from surfaces