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The innovative technology employed in intelligent fluids® is safe for users and the environment, as all ingredients are biodegradable raw materials used in cosmetics and foods. 

intelligent fluids® are therefore free from harmful or dangerous substances. 

The technology is very efficient so that significant process cost savings can be achieved in the industrial sector.


For industrial cleaning purposes, powerful lisoCLEAR® products are available to clean and to protect surfaces of machines or devices and to remove soilings from various materials.

The innovative surfiMAX® application tools perfectly complement the different products of intelligent fluids GmbH.

The SOLVANEX® provides powerful graffiti removers as well as protective solutions for use as anti-graffiti systems. Additionally, label removers and special cleaning agents are available.

The high-performance enpurex® product family quickly, gently, and thoroughly removes color impurities in the printing industry - especially on print rolls - without leaving any residues. Thanks to the innovative technology, significant process cost savings can be achieved.

In the microelectronic field the highly effective de-coater of the lisoPUR® product group are used in order to remove various persistent layers and soilings, residue-free.