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Ingredient Brand

intelligent fluid® are based on a unique, interdisciplinary technology which combines gentle ingredients, thereby creating physical effects resulting in extraordinary performance and targeted functionality.

Process optimization.

Economical application.

Eco-friendliness and sustainability.



The intelligent fluid® brand is used to distinguish products across various industries including microelectronicsfacility cleaning, industrial cleaning ans maintenance, printing and cosmetics applications. The pioneering technology is based on complex phase fluids and was developed by intelligent fluids GmbH. The brand is a trademark for the unique, proprietary mode of action of intelligent fluid®

The intelligent fluid® ingredient brand is to be used on all products based on the complex phase fluid technology created by intelligent fluids GmbH.

The trademark is registered and can only be used, licensed and/or marketed by intelligent fluids GmbH.

The sign’s size and color can be chosen freely by brand, collaboration and license partners. It can be flexibly adapted to their individual-needs and the corporate design used for the labels and packaging of the resulting products.

Design and font are the property of intelligent fluids GmbH.