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Since 2012 the company TKM Meyer GmbH (formerly known as Rolf Meyer GmbH) has become the world wide distribution partner of bubbles & beyond for the enpurex® product line.

With TKM Meyer GmbH the innovative Print Roll Cleaner of intelligent fluids GmbH have found a well-respected and professional exclusive distribution partner who will expand the commercialization of the trendsetting technology.

enpurex®-Print Roll Cleaner:

  • remove all standard types of ink
  • instead of merely dissolving ink systems, they are completely removed
  • it's quick and easy to use- just apply the product and wipe the ink off
  • the rollers don't need to be taken out of the press whilst online-use
  • downtime is cut significantly
  • the amount of expensive rollers is perceptibly reduced 
  • remove ink glaze from rubber rollers
  • increase lifetime of rollers




Outstanding Performance.

Maximum Material Compatibility.

Deep-Down Cleaning.

Quality and Technology Made in Germany.


Druckwalzenreiniger 95 PLUS (Print Roll Cleaner 95 PLUS)

manual cleaning agent for anilox rollers; for 95 percent of all cleaning tasks

  • removes dispersion inks and printing varnish
  • cleans water-based systems
  • removes ink which is drying up due to oxidation or chemical reasons as well as UV inks
  • can also be used as cleaner whilst production is underway



Druckwalzenreiniger POWER (Print Roll Cleaner POWER)

manual cleaner for anilox rollers; removes long-term, persistent soilings 

  • the most powerful cleaning agent of the enpurex® product line 
  • removes 2-K varnishes, UV hardening inks and dispersion inks
  • removes calcium glazing