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From equipment cleaning applications such as degreasing, varnish and paint removal, and adhesive removal in a variety of industries, to commercial applications such as facility cleaning and graffiti removal, we have ready-to-use high performance, human and environment friendly products for over a dozen applications.


The microelectronics industry demands the highest standards of cleaning efficiency and quality. Intelligent fluids products outperform aggressive solvents in complex cleaning processes such as lacquer removal (photoresist stripping) as well as dirt removal (catch cup cleaning), while also making these processes cost efficient, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly.


Some of the most stubborn contaminants occur in the oil and gas industry, and their cleaning requires the use of extremely hazardous chemicals such as toluols. With intelligent fluid® products, stubborn industrial contaminants that have worked their way into the material substance over the years can be efficiently removed in areas such as rig-washing, heat exchanger cleaning, etc.


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