A Review of a Revolutionary Company with an Amazing Opportunity and STO in 2019

LEIPZIG, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2019 / For those of you who know world-acclaimed Management and Productivity Guru David Allen and his concept of GTD (Getting Things Done), you might also be familiarised with the term “Mind like Water”. Used as the translation to the metaphor of the Japanese “Mizu no Kokoro”, “mind like water”, a phrase found frequently in Zen literature. It refers to a state of mind that mirrors water’s flowing, reflective, and adaptive capacities.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” Bruce Lee

As much as we can learn from the attributes of different liquids like H20, an internationally still relatively unknown company, Intelligent fluids GmbH, is making liquids learn from us.

Located in the heart of Leipzig’s district Plagwitz, this innovative company has developed something that some might find hard to believe, yet the chemists and physicists amongst us would call nothing short of revolutionary.
Re-shaped in 2017, originally as the more of a baby bath sounding “bubbles and beyond GmbH”, the Intelligent Fluids GmbH with their production site inside of InfraLeuna, one of Germanys largest chemical sites and already running at a production capacity of 500 tons per annum, the patented intelligent fluids have already made a name for themselves amongst industry insiders.

Used by numerous industrial sectors due to their wide range of applications such as material separation, removal of surface coatings on metal, glass or synthetic material, stripping of lacquers and paint, removal of adhesive residues, high-performance cleaning, and transport of active agents, the focus of the use cases have evolved. Today intelligent fluids® is mainly used in microelectronics, optics, industrial maintenance and upkeeping and also building protection.

So what exactly is intelligent fluids, what does it do and what problems does it solve?

Let’s start at the beginning. Solvents are, in simplest terms, something in which you can dissolve another substance (also called as solutes) and this mixture will yield what we know as a ‘solution’. Solvents are generally liquid (water is the most common example), but can also be gas or solid. Solutes are the materials that are dissolved into solvents and we end up with a solution. Some examples of solvents are water, ethanol, toluene, chloroform, acetone, milk, etc. Examples of solutes include sugar, salt, oxygen, etc.

The problem is that most industrial cleaning methods involve highly dangerous solvents. This means that more than 322 million tons of toxic and harmful chemicals are used in the European Union alone. Every year. The global dark digits would make a Greenpeace activist cry and lawyers and politicians responsible for the growing amount of related regulations and their enforcement want to pull their hair out.

For the companies which are able to abide by the regulations, this has led to an enormous cost of ownership, energy consumption, equipment costs and generally low performance and yield. For the companies which are not able to abide by the legal restrictions and complex regulatory frameworks, the damage to the environment, plants, soils and animals is a cost no one wants to be conscious of. And last but not least regardless of regulations, chemical and toxic solvents used for cleaning pose a direct as well as an indirect risk to human health, being the cause of numerous health issues, diseases and even death.

Penetrate, fragment, undercut and lift-off!

Because of the aggressive nature of conventional solvent-based chemical solutions, a host of green chemical cleaners along with other non-hazardous ingredients or techniques such as laser or grit blasting have emerged on the market. Yet one has to come to the conclusion that these environmentally friendly alternatives do no show adequate results in comparison to classical chemical solutions. This is where award-winning intelligent fluids® boasting 26 patents and more than 25 additional patents pending comes on stage and steals the show.

Leveraging physical effects such as entropy and “Ostwald ripening” instead of a chemical dissolution, intelligent fluids® is not only more efficient than traditional solvents, it is also 100% environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. Guaranteeing bio-degradability and pH neutral ingredients, the highly dynamic fluid is heavily water-based, non-inflammable, thermodynamically stable and can easily be removed with water or alcohol. Dermatologically approved and filterable, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, the need for complex and costly work production streets, equipment and protection can become a thing of the past.

The unique lipophilic and hydrophilic (Lipophilicity and hydrophilicity refer to the solubility of something in lipids or water.) properties of intelligent fluids® can satisfy the needs of equipment cleaning, removing metal layers of wafers (i.e. MEMS, LED, BEOL), photoresist stripping and adhesive removals to name just a few.

Despite intense research, I could not find any competitors with cleaning and stripping agents that are equal in performance and sustainable environment and health protection. Big players such as BASF, Kanto, DOW, DuPont and Mitsubishi that offer classical, solvent-based chemicals should rather be seen as future customers and sales partners than competitors. The trend of stronger regulations restricting the old products makes this only a matter of time in my opinion.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
(Albert Einstein)

Along with the companies existing database of almost 500 different fluid combinations, the recently released project paper states that they can easily customize their fluids so that they can “intelligently” distinguish between different layers and surfaces. Configuring the liquid to anywhere between 1,000 and 8,000 moves per second and effective anywhere between -5 Degrees Celsius and 90 Degrees Celsius. Does all of this sound like some cheap brainchild of some Sci-Fi author? Maybe. But it has become Non-Fiction.

Protected by an army of activities in the realm of intellectual property rights, the 26 existing patents in different market regions and the upcoming 25 patents that are still pending, the company has secured a firm success story, albeit under the radar.

Existing Customers

Being an intrinsically B2B company, the member of the “Silicon Saxony” High tech network association already has a track record with a few selected clients such as PHILIPS RESEARCH, QUALCOMM, DURAtec AG, erHEIDELBERG, EPCOS and subsidiaries of SMIC and WÜRTH GROUP. Additional future customers are in the pipeline and have already initiated testing and qualification after having signed the necessary NDAs and JDAs. Long qualification times of new clients, lasting between 2-7 years after initial contact, have made the queue of eager to jump on the wagon customers for future joint ventures long and prolific.

Ok, I am getting really excited, tell me about this Special Token Offering you mentioned?

According to a recent press release, the company has more than enough clients waiting to be onboarded and qualified and a host of future markets that are apparently begging to give away a piece of their pie. The main focus at this moment is the microelectronics market and the maintenance market. An average customer providing revenue of more than 2 Million EUR per year and needing up to 300 Tons per Year. Currently, the capacity of their production site in InfraLeuna, is only 500 Tons per year, but according to CEO Christian Römlein, they have a tight schedule of aiming for at least 13,500 Tons per annum in the short term. To enable rapid growth of production and to be able to satisfy the high existing demand, the company wants to expand production to the USA and in Asia and has therefore developed an innovative financing solution.

They have announced to execute the smartchem (SCM) security token offering (STO) in 2019 which entitles the token holder to participate in all profits. In contrast to an equity Token, which is a part of the company, the SCM security token will give a percentage of profit, transparency powered by the blockchain and all upon approval by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the German equivalent of the US SEC. In addition to the SCM Token being compatible with the ERC-20 and ERC-223 standards, according to the project paper, it will provide measures to whitelist and KYC all the while guaranteeing a smooth user experience. Too good to be true? Read on.

intelligent fluids® – with the SCM Token that might very well make you wet to invest…

With the company having production facilities in America and Asia in the crosshairs and the planned expansion of production in Germany, I personally believe their market penetration goals to be on the conservative side. I am no physicist nor chemist, nor even market insider in the industrial cleaning industry. Yet I would argue that the use cases for a 100% risk-free cleaning solution are nothing short of endless. Though the company aims to be a B2B company and would rather work together with the big players mentioned at the beginning than try to replace their toxic cleaning solutions, I don´t see why the end-consumer market should be left untapped. They even mention on their website and the video above that solutions are already available for dental applications, stripping, all kinds of removal of dirt, residues and coatings, skin care, optics, upkeeping as well as protection of buildings…. The list just goes on and on.

Scaling the solution for a post-solvent era and thus solving one of the worlds most pressing pollution problems – Just because the wheel was an unbelievable invention at the time it was first used, that did not make it unrealistic. Am I sounding too enthusiastic? That’s because I am. Just look at this Advisor team:


Pinch me and tell me there isn´t something revolutionary brewing behind this company, just look at the network they already have:

As mentioned above, I am no scientist or industry-specific investor, but I would like to claim that I can recognize something truly groundbreaking when I see it. And the fact that their rather careful and professional claims and project paper regarding market penetration and market cap, make me just more confident when I say: Finally a blockchain project worth my money.

Intelligent fluids – A solution to numerous global challenges, a lucrative investment chance and a solution without the solvents.

Doesn´t it just make your mind feel like water?
Name: Christian Römlein
Email: wilkens@intelligent-fluids.com
Website for STO: www.smartchem.io
Website of Company: www.intelligent-fluids.com

SOURCE: smartchem


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