Silicon Saxony Day

Silicon Saxony Day: Intelligent fluids unveils green cleaning solutions for the microelectronics industry


Intelligent Fluids presents its technology at the Silicon Saxony Day in Dresden on June 11, 2024. This event, organized by Silicon Saxony – the industry association for the Saxon microelectronics, semiconductor, photovoltaics, and software sectors – brings together nearly 500 member organizations, including intelligent fluids.


Networking with local and international partners


Intelligent fluids is attending the event to connect with the local high-tech network and international experts from the semiconductor industry. About 30% of the participants at Silicon Saxony Day are from international high-tech regions, including delegations from the Netherlands, Taiwan, the USA, Austria, and the Czech Republic. This aligns perfectly with intelligent fluids’ go-global strategy, particularly the expansion into Taiwan. Our Team Lead for Technical Applications in the Microelectronics Industry, Dr. Salem Nasraoui, will present the company, technology, and specific applications for the microelectronics industry.


Precision cleaning in microelectronics


Surface contamination on microelectronic components can negatively impact the performance and reliability of the final electronic product, making cleaning a critical step in microelectronics production. The production of a chip, for example, involves around 500 processing steps, each at the nanometer scale. Continuous cleaning of these extremely small components between steps, especially the removal of resist, poses a significant technical challenge.


Advantages of intelligent fluids’ technology over conventional, toxic chemistry


  1. A green alternative


Traditional chemical cleaning agents used in microelectronics are often harmful to both people and the environment. Intelligent fluids offers a green, water-based alternative that eliminates the need for aggressive chemicals. Our solutions can clean wafers and equipment by removing resists, adhesives, or other specific materials without toxic substances.


  1. Facilitating regulatory compliance


Our non-toxic cleaning agents are safe for all materials and fully comply with microelectronics industry regulations. This adherence not only ensures safety but also offers greater cost-efficiency compared to traditional chemical solutions.


  1. Reducing process time and total cost of ownership


Intelligent Fluids can be precisely tuned to meet customers’ needs, such as adjusting the etching rate as required. The thorough cleaning enabled by our physical principle allows some process steps to be skipped, resulting in shorter process times and a reduced total cost of ownership. By using Intelligent Fluids, microelectronics manufacturers can achieve greater economy and sustainability simultaneously.


Interested in innovative, green cleaning solutions?


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