Every year, about 30 million tons of toxic harmful solvents are produced in the world. Although the substances are classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic to the point of chronic toxicity, there has been a lack of suitable substitutes for professional cleaning materials in the industrial sector.

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These solvents are not only harmful for people and the planet, but also for equipment. Additionally, their storage, handling and disposal are expensive. With increasing awareness of environmental, health and sustainability issues, the call for possible alternatives is becoming louder and louder. However, for these alternatives to be viable, they should not only have the lowest possible hazard and risk potential, but also be just as effective as the questionable chemicals to be replaced. Green chemicals have not been able to match the performance levels and cost efficiency of these solvents. Performance and sustainability have been on opposite ends of the spectrum. That is, until now! Thanks to a unique, patented technology, intelligent fluids GmbH has succeeded in developing innovative fluids that effectively remove impurities and residues, helping companies realize significant cost efficiencies, while at the same time protecting people, nature, and equipment.

Physical Separation Instead of Chemical Dissolution

The patented technology of intelligent fluid® products combines gentle ingredients to create tailor-made phase fluids that effectively and gently remove impurities. The key to the whole thing is the net-like, highly dynamic structures within the intelligent fluids® which can infiltrate and fragment even stubborn dirt and deposits and then gently lift them off.

The uniqueness of the process lies in this physical mode of action of the fluids. Since there is no chemically aggressive dissolution of the contaminations or coatings, even sensitive substrates and surfaces are not attacked and are consequently protected.


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